Sunday, July 29, 2007

Siebel - Common System Parameters

1 Abstract 4
2 Analysis 4
3 Design 5
4 Conclusion 6
4.1 Usage Examples 6
5 Appendixes 7

Figure ‎2‑1: System parameters ERD.. 4
Figure ‎4‑1: System parameter - RetrieveCustomSystemParameter 7

Table ‎3‑1: System parameters module's layers decomposition. 5

1 Abstract
This essay takes as its purpose analysis and design of custom system parameters module. The meaning of custom system parameter is data that shared across all sessions within the Siebel enterprise.
The module provides an ability of data retrieval and its appending.
2 Analysis
The system parameters module must give an opportunity of shared data management, when the main purpose of such data is not a run time globals or any parallel concept, but information without time boundaries,
The following diagram presents entity relationship diagram of needed business layer:
Figure ‎2‑1: System parameters ERD

The module must include several elements from database, business, and graphic user interface layers:
BC (Business Component) – contains several methods and based on custom table
BS (Business Service) – contains several methods delegated by underlied business component
3 Design
The analysis can be handled using a single stand alone module definition. The module will include several elements from every one of three application tiers:
* Graphic User Interface Layer
· View – System Parameters View
· Applet - System Parameters List Applet
* Business Layer
· Business Object – System Parameters
· Business Component – System Parameters with methods
- NewEntry() – creates new log entry
- RetrieveCustomParameter() – searches across the log table and retrieves data
· Business Service – System Parameters BS[1] encapsulates delegated methods of Business Component
* Database Layer
· Table – CX_SYS_PARAM
The following table demonstrates those elements per layer:
Table ‎3‑1: System parameters module's layers decomposition

4 Conclusion
Current essay provides a new sight over the old problem, how to store cross sessions parameters and effectively use them during the sessions of system users. The pattern can be used in many applications like CTI phone book, XSLT etc.
4.1 Usage Examples
The following figures demonstrate proposed solution examples:
Figure ‎4‑1: System parameter - RetrieveCustomSystemParameter

5 Appendixes
* "Workflow usage best practices" (Roman Agaev)
* "Common VBC paradigm" (Roman Agaev)
* "Common error handling mechanism" (Roman Agaev)
[1] Cacheable business service


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